PJIEL Vol. 2022/I.
Published on: 06.07.2022.
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Vol. 2022/I.


The editors are pleased to present issue 2022/I of the Pécs Journal of International and European Law, published by the Centre for European Research and Education of the Faculty of Law of the University of Pécs.

The editorial comments of the current issue address the legacy of Fridtjof Nansen againts the backdrop of current conflicts.

In the Articles section, Hatim Hussain and Sanskriti Sanghi analyse the difficult issue of satire and human rights protection by the ECtHR, focusing on the question of intent in this context, while Alexandru-George Moș undertakes a multilevel analysis of constitutional identity and illiberalism.

In the Case notes and analysis section, István Szijártó examines the implications of the Gavanozov II judgment of the European Court of Justice.

In the Reviews section, Ágoston Mohay reviews the monograph The Many Facets of EU Soft Law by Petra Lea Láncos (PPKE, 2022); whereas Éva Csorba reviews the edited volume Greece and Turkey in Conflict and Cooperation. From Europeanization to de-Europeanization, edited by Alexis Heraclides and Gizem Alioğlu Çakmak (Routledge, 2019).

As always, a word of sincere gratitude is due to the anonymous peer reviewers of the current issue.

We encourage the reader, also on behalf of the editorial board, to consider the PJIEL as a venue for publications. With your contributions, PJIEL aims to remain a trustworthy and up-to-date journal of international and European law issues. The next formal deadline for submission of articles is 15 October 2022, though submissions are welcomed at any time.


ELISABETH SÁNDOR-SZALAY: Recalling Fridtjof Nansen’s legacy – people fleeing war now and hundred years ago (Editorial comments)

HATIM HUSSAIN, SANSKRITI SANGHI: Irreverence Intended? Destabilizing ‘Intent’ as Determinative in Discourse around Satire at the ECtHR

ALEXANDRU-GEORGE MOȘ: Illiberalism and Constitutional Identity. A Critique from a Multilevel Perspective

ISTVÁN SZIJÁRTÓ: The CJEU Partially Excludes Bulgaria from Taking Part in Judicial Cooperation – an Absolute Order or a Balancing Act? The Gavanozov II Case

ÁGOSTON MOHAY: Petra Lea Láncos: The Many Facets of EU Soft Law

ÉVA CSORBA: Alexis Heraclides and Gizem Alioğlu Çakmak (Eds.): Greece and Turkey in Conflict and Cooperation. From Europeanization to de-Europeanization