PJIEL Vol. 2021/II.
Published on: 15.12.2021.
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Vol. 2021/II.


The editors are pleased to present issue 2021/II of the Pécs Journal of International and European Law, published by the Centre for European Research and Education of the Faculty of Law of the University of Pécs.

The editorial comments of the current issue reflect upon some of the implications of the recent Carter v. Russia judgment by the European Court of Human Rights.

In the Articles section, Brian Drummond analyses the legality of the nuclear deterrence policy of the United Kingdom under international law. Lilla Ozoráková asks and answers the question whether the standards of international criminal proceedings in terms of the right to a fair trial are sufficient. Anna Szerencsés looks at how the protection of fundamental rights has progressed, notably in the twelve years since the EU Charter was given legal binding force. Valéria Horváth gives account of the legal responses to migration induced by the 2010 Haitian earthquake on the American continent.

In the Case notes and analysis section, Csongor István Nagy provides analysis of Hungarian judicial practice connected to EU private international law in family and succession matters.

Last but not least, in the Reviews section, Mirabella Nezdei reviews Transnational Mobility and Global Health – Traversing Borders and Boundaries by Peter H. Koehn (Routledge, 2020).

As always, a word of sincere gratitude is due to the anonymous peer reviewers of the current issue.

We encourage the reader, also on behalf of the editorial board, to consider the PJIEL as a venue for publications. With your contributions, PJIEL aims to remain a trustworthy and up-to-date journal of international and European law issues. The next formal deadline for submission of articles is 15 March 2022, though submissions are welcomed at any time.


BENCE KIS KELEMEN: Quo vadis ECtHR? An assessment of Carter v. Russia before the European Court of Human Rights (Editorial comments)

BRIAN DRUMMOND: UK Nuclear Deterrence Policy and International Law: Terrorism with Impunity?

LILLA OZORÁKOVÁ: The right to a fair trial at international criminal courts and tribunals – Are the standards of international criminal proceedings fair enough?

ANNA RÉKA SZERENCSÉS: The Protection of Fundamental Rights in the Jurisprudence of the CJEU and the Charter –Twelve Years On

VALÉRIA HORVÁTH: Haitians in limbo – Legal responses for migration induced by the 2010 Haitian earthquake on the American continent

CSONGOR ISTVÁN NAGY: EU Private International Law in Family and Succession Matters: The Hungarian Judicial Practice

MIRABELLA NEZDEI: Peter H. Koehn: Transnational Mobility and Global Health. Traversing Borders and Boundaries