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The Journal aims to provide a common platform for the publication of analysis and research relating to international law and European law, with specific attention devoted to legal developments in the Western Balkans. The PJIEL thus accepts publications connected to the disciplines of international and European law, and focuses also on the interaction of these legal systems with national legal systems and with each other as well.

Contributions are accepted to any of the following sections:

  1. Articles : longer studies regarding relevant issues of international and European law;
  2. Case notes and analysis: shorter reflections on recent judicial or other legal developments
  3. Legal developments in the Western Balkans: Focusing on the states of the Western Balkans, especially (but not limited to) their relations with the European Union;
  4. Reviews: reviews of books or collected volumes dealing with international law and European law issues.

Manuscripts should be formatted according to the PJIEL formal requirements, and submitted in .doc or .docx format.

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All submitted manuscripts undergo anonymous peer review. Reviewed manuscripts are returned to the author for consideration.

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Submission deadlines can be requested upon contact.