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Our first edition is out now!

Our first edition is out now!

The Centre for European Research and Education is pleased to present the first issue of the Pécs Journal of International and European Law (PJIEL). The PJIEL aims to provide a platform for the publication of analysis and research relating to international law and European law, with specific attention devoted to legal developments in the Western Balkans. The additional Western Balkans focus of the PJIEL originates from the editors’ firm belief that the legal developments in the states of the aforementioned geographic area, and the process of their European integration is to be regarded as one of the most crucial and topical issues on the European continent.

The journal is published electronically twice a year by the Centre for European Research and Education of the University of Pécs, Faculty of Law. The PJIEL, as an open access journal, covers international law (public as well as private) and European Union law subjects. Articles are submitted to anonymous peer review before publication. As regards sections, the journal comprises of the following:

– Articles : longer studies regarding relevant issues of international and European law;

– Case notes and analysis: shorter reflections on recent judicial or other legal developments;

– Legal developments in the Western Balkans: Focusing on the states of the Western Balkans, especially (but not limited to) their relations with the European Union;

– Book reviews: reviews of books or collected volumes dealing with issues relevant to the journal.

Check out the first edition here.

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