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New year, new edition

New year, new edition

The Centre for European Research and Education is pleased to present the second issue of the Pécs Journal of International and European Law.

Once again, PJIEL looks at topical questions of international and European law from a legal perspective. The second issue is diverse as regards both authors and topics.

In the Articles section, Guilherme Lopes Da Cunha and Maeva Szlovik elaborate on the correlation of migration and security and the role of legal regulation from the point of view of human rights and cultural diversity. Veronika Greksza analyses how the European Court of Human Rights interprets and guarantees the right to a healthy environment, and how this relates to the concept of intergenerational equity. The two cases notes of the current issue deal with the relationship between international law and EU law, and national law and EU law, respectively. Ágoston Mohay analyses Opinion 2/13 of the Court of Justice of the European Union regarding the accession of the European Union to the European Convention on Human Rights. Georgina Naszladi looks at a rejection order by the Hungarian Constitutional Court which is relevant regarding the Court’s interpretation of the preliminary ruling procedure, touching upon the right to a fair trial as well. As for the section focusing on legal developments in the Western Balkans, Flamur Mrasori assesses compliance with European Union criteria in the light of non-contractual relations. Finally, Gyöngyvér Zsankó reviews the book The law of the European Union in Hungary: Institutions, processes and the law by Márton Varju and Ernő Várnay.

We encourage the reader, also on behalf of the editorial board, to consider the PJIEL as a venue for publications. With your contributions, PJIEL aims to become a trustworthy and up-to-date journal of international and European law. The next formal deadline for submission of articles is 15 September 2015, though submissions are welcomed at any time.

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